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CCTV System

Surveillance systems offered by us have different quality ensuring a fully functional according to your needs and your budget. One more reason to choose our security systems is also the guarantee that we give that varies from 2 to 4 years.
Contact us if you need more information on our security systems and brands handled. An expert in the field will follow you step by step to make the best choice.

Sisteme Kundra Vjedhjes

Anti-theft devices

Our alarm systems keep the name TECNOALARM, one of the most famous companies of combined systems. For those who want the top of the range Tecnoalarm, here is the combination of anti-theft system and video surveillance Videolarm. A console with a big touch-screen, that you can manage very simply one of the most sophisticated anti-theft features. The home automation applications present in your home is a comprehensive video surveillance system that always have control what happens outside and inside your home. To know more visit TECNOALARM.

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Fire systems

We have given a more economic and effective solution, integrating two systems simultaneously, the alarm system and fire protection system. We were able to lower the cost of both systems up to 30%, so that the fire alarm will avess lower cost tend the importance of the latter in the security of the premises.
Here you will find alarm systems and fire fighting systems of the most famous brands in the world.

Sistem kontrolli automatik ne banesa

Automatic systems

These systems include all the automatic controls, for: the main entrances of homes, safe, cars, garage, parking, villas, factories etc. The automatic control systems are high-tech tools, where authentication is the only method of release. You will also find automated systems where identification can be made with: personal code, visual inspection, or swipe card.

Sistem Kundra Zjarrit

Tools for extinguishing fire

A key role in commercial activities also have the tools to extinguish fire. After a Europe-wide survey carried out by the staff of Security Pelikani GROUP on budget-minded businesses in this area, camed out that almost 15% of their invesitment is dedicated to the tools to extinguish fire . We managed to lower costs of this investment up to 10%, not by lowering the level of security, but offering tools with lower prices by 15%. All these instruments are subject to all the European standards ISO 9002.

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