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Experienced and Highly Qualified Body Guards

VIP Protection. is a service used especially in the world of entertainment, from movies to television, politics, economics, where people of great importance are threatened or endangered.
AtPelikani Security GROUP all officers are highly trained and qualified for the security needs set before them. All of our body guards, armed guards, unarmed guards and security agents have worked in top units, as well as having worked with European and Albanian security experts and specialists.

Our special agents have organizational abilities as well as experience in handling all kinds of security tasks, enabling us to provide security services that are both proactive and reactive. When you hire Pelikani Security GROUP, we match our officers with your security needs, ensuring that you receive quality protection at all times, anywhere. Our management is highly responsive, and we maintain a team of trained officers on standby, so no matter what, there will be backup available for your security needs.

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