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Pelikani Security GROUP, to offer a service to European standards, efficient and innovative, is adapting to market demands constantly upgrading the fleet cars, weapons and all other necessary tools.

Fleet car

During these years, Pelikani Security GROUP, offered customers an exceptional service thanks to the car fleet that is renewed constantly. Almost 90% of the vehicles are equipped with GPS locator. Below is a list of the means of Pelikani Security Group:

Fleet for the Rapid Response Team
Armored vehicles to the accompaniment of people VIP
Vehicles to the accompaniment of monetary values
Ford Fiesta (Year 2013)
Jeep (armored)
Mercedes-Benz armored
Mercedes - Benz VIP accompaniment
Mitsubish D.I.D (fuoristrada)
Armored Iveco
Van laboratory for the installation of security systems
Van for the installation of fire protection systems
Fiat Doblò (laboratory)
Audi Q7
Toyota (Year 2012)

Weapons and other tools

The company owns a large number of firearms and not, available to employees and customers in case of need. Below we have listed.

Automatic weapons
Beretta pistols
Led torch
Lachrymatory Spray
Radio receiver


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